Mary Me – Wedding Vows
General Terms and Conditions of Eatmosphere
applicable to the purchase of the «Mary Me» wedding certificate 2019




Rue Breesch 42

1020 Laeken

BCE / VAT 0659956128 

(Hereafter, «Eatmosphere»)



Article 1. «Mary Me» Certificate


1.1 The purchase of the «Mary Me» certificate offered by Eatmosphere (the «Certificate») allows you, under the terms and conditions set out below (the «Conditions»), to annually and for life, as defined hereafter, enjoy a culinary dinner (drinks exclusive) created by Mary Pop-in. 


1.2 The sale of the Certificates falls within a crowdfunding project which will allow Eatmosphere to finance their Mary Pop-in eat atelier (kitchenware; kitchen; tables; chairs; vegetable garden; the entire restaurant), activity and the growth of its atelier located at Byrrh, Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 4, 1020 Laken. By purchasing a Certificate, we are delighted to welcome you to the project as husband or wife.



Article 2. Price of the Certificate


2.1 The Certificate is sold at the price of 200 EUR, VAT and other taxes included, thus a price of 188,68 EUR and 11,32 EUR VAT.


2.2 The Certificate represents a sale of a culinary dinner that still have to take place, with differed and conditional delivery. This sale is subject to VAT at a rate of 6%.



Article 3. Limited Offer


3.1 The Certificates will be offered on sale between February 6th, 2019 and April 30th, 2019. This offer will no longer be valid beyond this deadline.


3.2 You must be at least 18 years old to subscribe to this offer. You can subscribe on behalf of another person as long as this person is at least 18 years old.


3.3 The Mary Me offer is limited to 200 weddings.



Article 4. Certificate order


4.1 The order and payment are made during the offer period on a web page created for this purpose at: You must register on the website and provide the necessary information for your registration to be valid and for the personalization of the Certificate (name, first name, address, email, age).


4.2 You will receive your wedding papers within 2 working days. This Certificate will carry a unique number that will be used with your name in order to identify you during your annual culinary dinner at Mary Pop-in


4.3 A Certificate holder is referred to hereafter as a “Mary Me crowdfunder”.


4.4 The Mary Me crowdfunder will notify any change of personal information to Eatmosphere.



Article 5. Right of withdrawal


5.1 Any Mary Me crowdfunder who purchased a Certificate through the website has the right to renounce to the purchase within 14 working days after having received the Certificate and to be reimbursed of the paid amount of the purchase, without providing justification. In order to benefit from this right, the Mary Me crowdfunder shall inform Eatmosphere by mail or email and immediately return the Certificate. Eatmosphere will refund the amount of the purchase on the account specified by the Mary Me crowdfunder, upon receipt.



Article 6. Annual withdrawal


6.1 The Mary Me crowdfunder can enjoy once a year, for life, a culinary dinner (drinks exclusive) designated by Mary Pop-in.


6.2 The Mary Me crowdfunder has annually the right to a a culinary dinner for one, drinks exclusive. 


6.3 The maximum % crowdfunders per event can be 20%. Mary Pop-in has the right to refuse a reservation if the 20 % is reached for that event. Mary Pop-in will propose another culinary event in that case. 

6.4 The Mary Pop-in eat atelier in Brussels located Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 4 1020 Laken whose events and their opening hours can be found on the website of Mary Pop-in ( Mary Pop-in ensures at least one culinary event per month. 


6.5 The first use of your certificate will be possible at the first culinary event in June 2019.


6.6 When the Mary Me crowdfunder will come and enjoy a culinary dinner, he/she should bring his/her ID card. To enjoy the annual culinary dinner, the Mary Me crowdfunder must make a reservation and clearly note that he/she is a Mary Me crowdfunder. 


6.7 Mary Pop-in will offer a variety of culinary events. (Kitchen Kulinair/Masterchef Monday) all-year around and at least 2 per month. 


6.8 The Mary Me crowdfunder who is not using his/her annual culinary dinner during one year is not entitled to arrears the year after.


6.9 Mary Me will not deliver the culinary dinner in cases of force majeure preventing it from organizing the dinners during the course of one or more consecutive years.



Article 7. Terms of the Certificate


7.1 The Certificate (and the rights arising from it) is personal. The Certificate is non-transferable, and cannot therefore be sold, given or transferred.


7.2 The rights attached to the Certificates will come to an end in the event of a bankruptcy of Mary Pop-in (Eatmosphere).


7.3 Eatmosphere reserves itself the right to terminate the rights under a Certificate if it is clear that the Mary Me crowdfunder is trying to abuse the system or manifestly prejudices Eatmosphere, for example by trying to come to more than allowed culinary events per year.



Article 8. Repurchase of the Certificate


8.1 We, at Eatmosphere and Mary Pop-in, aim to keep you for life in our community. We are married! Yet, considering the long “for life” nature of this crowdfunding, we still reserve a right to buy back the Certificate in case of a special or unforeseen situation. If this scenario materializes, which again is not our wish, you will receive very beneficial conditions as described below.


8.2 Eatmosphere reserves itself the right to repurchase the Certificate, subject to the payment of 200 EUR to the Mary Me crowdfunder, minus 10 EUR per year as from 1 January 2020, with an unwavering minimum of 130 EUR.


8.3 The repurchase will be notified to the Mary Me crowdfunder by email, mail or notification when visiting the venue. The Certificate will be cancelled on the date of the repurchase.



Article 9. Privacy


9.1 Eatmosphere respects privacy and will process your personal data with the utmost care. Personal data provided will be used to offer you the most optimal service as possible, in order to best treat your purchase and possibly keep you informed through our online newsletter of offers and interesting news. Your personal data will not, at any time, be transferred or sold to third parties which are not involved in Eatmosphere.


9.2 These personal data will also be collected when ordering this offer.

9.3 You may, at any time, request access to your personal data in the Eatmosphere database. If you want these personal data removed from the Eatmosphere database, you can inform Eatmosphere by email or mail.



Article 10. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


10.1 These general terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. All disputes arising out or in connection with these Conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.